309 days ago

Electricity Authority new animation - What makes up my power bill?

Annie Bannister from Utilities Disputes

The Electricity Authority have released a new animation - "What makes up my power bill?" Your power bill includes information about how much power you have used and how much you need to pay for each component. Check out the video:


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3 hours ago

What's On: FACES PLACES Agnes Varda/JR 2017

David from Brooklyn

Octogenarian French director Varda takes to the road with young photo-muralist JR to create new artworks in this charming doco. “A joyful celebration of life.” —Screendaily. See traler at https://filmsocietywellington.net.nz/
FACES PLACES Agnes Varda/JR 2017
  • Embassy Grand
9 hours ago

Kmart's list of 31 recalls

Stacey Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours, do you love Kmart?

Hundreds of thousands of inexpensive items that pass through the retail giant's checkouts every year, so it's only to be expected there will be recalls – Kmart even has a recalls page on its website, and there are 31 products on the list.

The $55 timber Occasional Chair is the latest casualty, although this is a withdrawal rather than a recall. We don't know the reason for its withdrawal, except Kmart says it is for "a potential quality issue". But what other products have been found wanting?

To find out what else is on the recall list, click here

1 day ago

How's the fog where you are?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

We hope you're all being careful as you're driving as dense fog has settled on Wellington, cancelling some flights. What's it like where you are? Post your photos below!