18 days ago

Finally, over 40's can now have fun at bars with other over '40's.

Michael from Newtown

Cheers -

Welly is an unusual town. While in many ways it is very sophisticated, yet there are literally no bars here where people in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s can dance and mix and mingle with those of a similar age. Many yearn for the days when they could let loose at “Boogie Wonderland” and hang out at “Hummingbird”. However, wait no more. That that has changed.
I am from Miami, love to party and to throw parities. Every Friday, my meetup.com group, "40's, 50's, and 60's Get Off Your Ass and Have Fun" meet at a different bar with a great dance floor and will either have the entire bar to ourselves or a large portion of it. We will play the best of the ‘70’s, ‘80’s, and ‘90’s dance music. Even if you don’t dance though, you will have fun just grooving to the high energy from the others who are.

Both couples and singles are invited. However, ours is not a dating meetup. Its purpose is to provide comfortable venues where we can make new friends of both sexes and enjoy the company of our old friends.

There will never be a cover charge. In fact, just the opposite. We will always have drink specials until 10:00 (but you do not have to drink have fun) and complimentary nibbles. It will be my personal pleasure to greet you and to introduce you to the others.

You can join for free at www.meetup.com...

Best wishes - Michael

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15 hours ago

Poll: Would you like to see the regional council own the buses in Wgtn?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Wellington's regional council will this week lobby the Government to let it own and run its own buses in what would be a move back to the 1990s.
Regional council chairman Daran Ponter confirmed the council would this week make a submission to the Government which - assuming councillors agreed on Thursday - would call for a change in how public transport was tendered for and operated.
The key change would make it much easier for councils to buy and run buses rather than sending them out for tender. It would not necessarily mean councils retaking ownership of buses but would make that an option.

Would you like to see the regional council own the buses in Wgtn?
  • 86% Yes
    86% Complete
  • 14% No
    14% Complete
121 votes
7 hours ago

Wellington Community Choir Concert Sat 26th 5pm - 6:30pm

Bob from Vogeltown

'Are we nearly there?' concert at Wesley Methodist Church, 75 Taranaki Street, Saturday 26th June 5pm. Tickets at the door $20, children under 12's free.
Songs from around the world about journeys and family, directed by Lala Simpson.