46 days ago

Car side-swiped Rata Road

Lynne from Hataitai

Hi there if were travelling behind a white disposal truck at 2.05pm on Saturday 6 March that side-swiped my car in Rata Road, Hataitai I would appreciate hearing from you. Cheers Lynne

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1 day ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

What are your thoughts on the great flag debate that gripped the country in 2015?

15 hours ago

Do you back a ban on parking in footpaths?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Parking on footpaths could soon become an offence in Wellington, following public complaints about increased risks to pedestrians and a lack of space for emergency vehicles.
The change is being proposed as part of Wellington City Council’s new parking policy, introduced in August, which aims to reduce reliance on private vehicles, manage increasing parking demands and make it easier to travel around the city.
The proposed new law would instigate a city-wide ban on parking on, or partially on, footpaths across the city, with infringement notices to be issued at the discretion of parking wardens.
It would overturn a 2005 council decision which permitted footpath parking anywhere in Wellington apart from the central city and suburban centres, provided at least one metre of footpath space was left for footpath users.

2 days ago

Storage and/or workshop space available

Michelle from Strathmore Park

We've got a secure area that we are looking at potentially dividing into storage and/or workshop spaces on a permanent or semi permanent basis, in the industrial area of Miramar. If you're looking for space, please PM me to discuss options. We're currently gauging interest. Thanks