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Storm Damage

Kevin from Harbour City Tree Care

With the somewhat stiff breezes that we have been experiencing over the last couple of days some trees have suufered damage, been blown over or ended up leaning against the neighbours house.
Please do not attempt to deal with storm damage on your own especially if the damaged branches are still in the tree, the tree is leaning or it is being held up by another tree or building.
We at Harbour City Tree Care have the expeience to be able to evaluate how to put your tree safely on the ground, from where we can remove it for you or leave it for you to deal with it. The important thing is to get the damage dealt with so that no one gets hurt.

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1 day ago

What are your memories of Pigeon Park?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Who can remember Pigeon Park?

In 1992 it was renamed Te Aro Park as part of a major redesign of the park, which was once a Maori pa site. After Europeans arrived it was the site of the first Christian sermon.
In World War Two it was the gathering point for pacifist objectors. For years it was also the starting point for demonstrations to Parliament.

It has again been in the news recently over complaints about people taking drugs and unruly behavior on the park, which was once the home to a sizable population of pigeons.

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3 hours ago

Baby milk free

Dhalene from Johnsonville

Opened Monday but daughters not taking to this brand after 3 bottles were made ....free to anyone that would like

4 hours ago

What's On: BOB LE FLAMBEUR France 1956

David from Brooklyn

Bob is a thief with a code of honour and a perfect plan in this crime classic. “Melville’s drollest, most likeable gangster movie” –Village Voice. See the trailer at https://filmsocietywellington.net.nz/
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