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Support for Cobham Drive pedestrian crossing and safer speeds

Ellen Blake from Living Streets Aotearoa

Support the Let's Get Wellington Moving proposal for a new pedestrian crossing along Cobham Drive in Wellington near the airport and for safer speeds along State Highway 1, also known as Ruahine St, Cobham Drive and Calabar Street. This route passes through and near to Hataitai, Kilbirnie, Evans Bay, Miramar and Strathmore. Currently these high speed busy roads cause significant severance for the adjoining suburbs, preventing safe or pleasant access to the Town Belt, the shops and the beach. The proposed crossing and safer speed limit is a step forward to address these issues.

We support improvements that make a more pleasant walk along Calabar Road, Cobham Drive and Ruahine Street and which will make this stretch of road safer for everyone. The supporting LGWM reports indicate there will be minimal impact on travel time on this route.

Please have your say today at LGWM - submissions close on 28 July.

Here are the highlights from the Living Streets Aotearoa submission:


As noted in the Case for Change report there is significant severance for the communities in this area from their daily and desired routes. There is only one small section of this route that is even considered safe at 60km/h and that does not account for increased use by pedestrians and other more vulnerable road users. For this reason we recommend a continuous 50km/h safer speed limit for the entire route consistent with most of the rest of urban Wellington.

Cobham Drive crossing

Living Streets Aotearoa strongly support an at-grade (road level) crossing of Cobham Drive. We support this proposal in particular because of the speed and ease of implementation so it will get done soon.

We do NOT support a crossing that diverts pedestrians from the road surface and walking desire line via an underpass or bridge, neither of which are suitable at this site. One of our members has written to us to ask:

Speaking up for older people and also those with mobility problems and disabilities, I think that a pedestrian bridge is not a good idea, given the large number of steps you mention. Perhaps you could get a few words in for these groups of pedestrians.


We strongly support this proposal, and believe it could be even better with our recommended changes above. The positive benefits will be transformational for people wanting to walk and avoid the need to drive between Miramar shops, the ASB Sports Centre or Kilbirnie, and far outweigh any negative effects.

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Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

This should not be too hard! Who is this?

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The Royal New Zealand Ballet

The Royal New Zealand Ballet

Let the Royal New Zealand Ballet transport you to a fantastical world of dazzling dance, music and enchantment. Choreographed by the late Liam Scarlett at the beginning of his short but blazingly bright international career, A Midsummer Night’s Dream was an overnight sensation at its premiere and is now available to watch online, for a limited time only.

This specially shot online performance will bring this enchanting ballet from theatre to your screens, with live stage footage enhanced by close-ups so you can experience the emotion and dance first-hand. This is ballet like you’ve never seen it before, a full cinematic experience.

Watch online from 3 Dec – 12 Dec 2021. Rnzb.org.nz/msndonline
Watch online

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Rubbish and recycling delays

Simone Borgstede from Wellington City Council

Due to a nationwide driver shortage, we’re still seeing some delays with our rubbish and recycling collections.

If rubbish or recycling has not been collected on your street on your normal collection day, please leave it out and it will be picked up the next day

Please note collections now start at 7am, so your rubbish and recycling may be picked up earlier than usual. Make sure you put everything out before 7am on the day of collection, or after 7pm the night before.

Thank you for your patience Pōneke 💛