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9 hours ago

Seeking Eco-store hair product bottles ?

Tiffany from Brooklyn

Hey Neighbours, I run a small cleaning business where we aim to reduce as much waste as possible this includes our tools. We make our own wood floor cleaner and find the eco-store hair product bottles (as pictured) perfect to bottle it in to then use for cleaning. If anyone has any I could collect that would be very helpful. I will aim to collect from Neighbours close by the Brooklyn area - Thank you team !

6 hours ago

Kids' yoga and motor skills class for 1-5 yo

Florine from Brooklyn

Hello everyone!
I am happy to let you know that I started a New Kids Yoga Program at Newtown!!!


9:15am at Newtown community hall
for kids from 2 to 5 years old

Come with your child to meet new families and spend a great time through a fun and relaxing journey of yoga stories, and games!

This class supports your child's early development, body awareness, emotional intelligence, gross motor skills, strength, balance, and self-confidence.

Contact me:

9 hours ago

Is it time for a deep clean ?

Tiffany Alderman from Kleen co.

We aim to assist in every way we can - this includes our popular deep cleaning service. This one-off clean tackles all the spaces you don't have time for - washing walls, an intensive dust, cleaning out neglected corners, the inside of your pantry and thoroughly cleaning regular contact areas. Our deep cleans pay attention to the detail in your home, plus we use eco- disinfectant that offers a bacterial clean as well as an aesthetic one.

Deep cleaning can help keep you and your family stay healthy.

If you'd like to discuss deep cleaning with us - or make a booking call/text Tiffany on 0220 445 610