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1 day ago

Move to eventually get rid of pokies

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Wellington City Council is moving to eventually gte rid of pokie machines in the city.
Barring any last-minute changes of heart, a Wellington City Council committee will agree to the policy, meaning all existing pokie machine venues can keep operating, but no new permits will be issued and, over time, this will theoretically lead to fewer gambling machines.
The "sinking lid policy" is being driven by Cr Tabatha Paul.
If the eventual drop-off in pokie machines led to community groups getting less funding, Paul said it would be time for the central government to step in.
What do you think?

2 hours ago

Simon Woolf returns to football after nasty Routeburn accident

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Just 15 months after suffering a nasty injury on the Routeburn Track, Simon Woolf has returned to the football pitch.
In January 2020, he was on the first day of the Great Walk when he slipped, severely injuring his knee and back.
Last Saturday, he defied medical advise, refereeing a Masters One match between Petone and Waterside.

3 hours ago

What's On: IN THE FOG Germany 2012

David from Brooklyn

Sergey Loznitsa's intense, slow-burning war drama considers moral choice in the moral vacuum of occupation. “Actors and landscapes alike could have come out of 19th-century Russian paintings.” –Sight&Sound. Details: https://filmsocietywellington.net.nz/
IN THE FOG Germany 2012
  • Embassy Grand