29 days ago

Strawberry themed décor jars for sale.

Hayden from Johnsonville

Hi everyone,
I have these porcelain décor jars in reasonable second hand condition. One of the leaves on the lid on both of the jars have been chipped or come off (as pictured).

The jars are strawberry themed and would be suitable as salt and pepper jars or as room decoration.

Price: $25

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16 hours ago

Moving boxes wanted

Ashleigh from Newlands

Does anyone have any moving boxes they want to get rid of? We would happily take them off your hands.
Thank you 😊

2 days ago

How do you dispose of paint?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

DIY-ers are being urged to dispose of paint responsibly, after a video captured paint flowing from a storm water drain into Titahi Bay. Wellington Water said paint was found in waterways every summer. How do you you dispose of paint?

12 hours ago

Help Kiwi schools get their own electric garden!

Spark Foundation

14 Carrots. 2 Pumpkins. 3 Basil plants. 8 Romain Lettuces. 1 class of problems solvers. The Electric Garden is a revolutionary learning tool mixing the art of growing food with computer programming and digital technologies.

Find out more about teaching digital technology through gardening or donate to help all kiwi schools access this programme here.
Learn more