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Wainui Te Omanga Hospice Shop

Al from Wainuiomata

Open Today
Wellington Anniversary Day

10am to 4pm

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3 hours ago

Try and watch the video without smiling...

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

The grey pavement, sky, and drizzling rain are no match for the fluorescent orange figure grooving to unheard music on the side of Wellington's Evans Bay Parade.
Follow the read more link to check out his moves.

20 hours ago

What's On: Metal Health 101 Training

Hugo from Epuni

MH101® is a one-day workshop to equip people to respond to people experiencing mental health challenges. The Themes are: Recognise, Relate, Respond. To book ring Serenah Nicholson 04 570 6020
Metal Health 101 Training
  • Taita
3 hours ago

Gardening and section work

Ian Hamilton from Natures choice gardening services - Upper Hutt

Ian Hamilton from Natures choice gardening services -
Does your garden require a makeover ? Weeds are the norm ? Trees look like the Forrest in lord of the rings ? Then it’s time for us to come sort it out for you 0272430941