44 days ago

Wanted Boxes for Moving House

Deidre from Trentham

Hi, have you moved house recently and have some cardboard boxes that you are not using? I would be grateful for any please.

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3 hours ago

Red Cross Shops welcome everybody!

The Team from Red Cross Shop Upper Hutt

Our Red Cross Shops welcome everybody. Customers don’t need to be vaccinated or show My Vaccine Pass to enter the shop under the Traffic Light System.
We look forward to seeing you all soon.

11 hours ago

Councils introduce vaccine certificate requirements

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Councils across the Wellington region have introduced rules requiring vaccine certificates at the majority of pools, libraries and recreation centres.
The big exception is Upper Hutt City Council, which will not require vaccine passes to be shown at almost any of its public facilities.
In Upper Hutt, vaccine passes will not be required at most public facilities, including Upper Hutt Libraries, the council’s Civic Centre and the H2O Xtream Aquatic Centre.
The lone exception will be the arts and events centre Whirinaki Whare Taonga, which will require visitors to be fully vaccinated.
In a statement, Upper Hutt City Council emphasised that the decision to not require vaccine certificates may change as further information comes to light, or the Government makes more changes. A review will take place on December 17.

6 hours ago

Charities and donations

Carol from Brown Owl

We try to help where we can, and most likely we could do more. However, once you give to a charity, that’s it! You are inundated with very sad stories and the endless need to give money to save more people, animals, children, patients…Whatever we could give it would NEVER be enough.
Goodness know how Bill and Melinda Gates cope.

The thing is we are quite comfortable, don’t have any ambition to travel, buy jewels or anything similar so we give where we can. But we are retired, and are harassed by so many worthy organisations wanting more from us – by text, email, post and telephone - and sometimes in the street.

These are the latest that want more:
• The Leprosy Mission
• Oxfam
• The Orangutan Project
• World Vision
• Wellington Hospital
• The Foodbank Project
• Share the Meal
• Salvation Army
• Fred Hollows Foundation
• Doctors without borders
• Greenpeace
• Forrest and Bird
• World Wildlife Fund
• Trees that count

We have discussed and chosen the charities we will support this year, but feel guilty and depressed when we put the latest appeal in the rubbish.
Does anyone else feel this way?