111 days ago

Friday Feathered Friend

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

This week we feature a picture from Louise Thomas, who has been to Stewart Island.

"You shall not pass!" she said defiantly standing her ground in the middle of the track. "You can however, sidle past while I stand on this stump." How can something so small be so completely unafraid of the world? South Island robin/kakaruwai (Petroica australis), Ulva Island, 7 January. I guess that makes it P. a. rakiura.

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6 hours ago

What's On: Bird Show

Janice from Fairfield

A display of various birds and sales table available. Masks please.
Bird Show
  • St Davids Wesley Centre
2 days ago

Some mothers do have em

Anthony from Clouston Park - Kingsley Heights

Nice to know tonight's 110 driver heading north managed to skip certain parts of their licence, like leaving enough room when passing and not overtaking on the right of a right turning vehicle.

I had to make a right turn at the roundabout of fergusson and totara/Montgomery cres because the daft driver couldn't be bothered sitting behind me as I was going straight through (I was on a moped doing 55(digital dash)), and overtook me again after the fergusson shops(mad butcher) after I signaled to turn right.

Metalink got a call as soon as I got home.

I wonder what sort of reply I'll get, if any ?

16 hours ago

Macrame Lessons

Tracy Harker from Upper Hutt Women's Centre Inc

The womens centre is offering macrame lessons on Thursday mornings between 10am and 12 noon. This is for beginners starting on small projects such as a keyring, wristlet and plant hanger before moving to a project of your choice. The cost is $50. If you would like to register please click this link forms.gle...