57 days ago

Teachers Who Refrain From Vaccination

Michael from Trentham

Some NZ teachers are refraining/ refusing to be vaccinated against Covid 19 and its current variants.

Would you want your children or grandchildren taught by a teacher who denies the vaccine is effective or warranted sufficiently for them to get jabbed twice in three weeks without the need for the Government to make it mandatory?

And this is despite the tremendous weight of evidence which supports Covid innoculation as the way forward for mankind and recognises the vulnerability of children to the Delta variant of the virus.

More than 700 children have died from Coronovirus in the USA alone.

As expected the NZ Government is gearing to make it compulsory for vaccinations in professions that deal with the public directly such as teachers, retirement home staff, hospital staff, front line workers etc.

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12 days ago

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Red Cross Shops welcome everybody!

The Team from Red Cross Shop Upper Hutt

Our Red Cross Shops welcome everybody. Customers don’t need to be vaccinated or show My Vaccine Pass to enter the shop under the Traffic Light System.
We look forward to seeing you all soon.