85 days ago

Misinformation About Covid.

Michael from Trentham

Boy doesn't misinformation fly the kite surrounding the Covid 19 epidemic.
A ZB talkback listener a few days ago tried this on a sometimes naieve host, Nick Mills: something like "we should follow Sweden who have all but eliminated Covid and has opened up its society with no restrictions."

Well here are the bare stats about Sweden and Covid 19 and the delta variant: deaths near 15,000, affected over 1.1 million. Population of Sweden 10 million.

Denmark has declared that Covid will be treated in their country right now as being nothing more than a kind of normal virus.
Well Denmark has had 2600 deaths with 351,000 people affected with the virus. Population of Denmark 5.8 million.

NZ has less than 4000 people who have caught the virus and 27 deaths. Pop 5 million.

Let us not forget that contracting Covid and esp the Delta variant can leave people with permanent health issues and a less than health secure future.

I hope that Sweden and Denmark do reach pass the 90% mark of elligible people fully vaccinated, because this is what NZ has to do.

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Still stressed and shopping for Christmas?

The Team from NZ Compare

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4 days ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Who can remember who this is and why he became famous?

1 day ago

Charities and donations

Carol from Brown Owl

We try to help where we can, and most likely we could do more. However, once you give to a charity, that’s it! You are inundated with very sad stories and the endless need to give money to save more people, animals, children, patients…Whatever we could give it would NEVER be enough.
Goodness know how Bill and Melinda Gates cope.

The thing is we are quite comfortable, don’t have any ambition to travel, buy jewels or anything similar so we give where we can. But we are retired, and are harassed by so many worthy organisations wanting more from us – by text, email, post and telephone - and sometimes in the street.

These are the latest that want more:
• The Leprosy Mission
• Oxfam
• The Orangutan Project
• World Vision
• Wellington Hospital
• The Foodbank Project
• Share the Meal
• Salvation Army
• Fred Hollows Foundation
• Doctors without borders
• Greenpeace
• Forrest and Bird
• World Wildlife Fund
• Trees that count

We have discussed and chosen the charities we will support this year, but feel guilty and depressed when we put the latest appeal in the rubbish.
Does anyone else feel this way?