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IMPORTANT Coronavirus update

Silverstream Health Centre

From Monday 23rd March 2020, all general practice surgeries have been instructed to screen people entering their facilities and therefore apply a ‘closed door’ policy. We will be providing consultations by phone, email or video.

If you have a pre-booked appointment, your doctor or nurse will contact you via one of these methods. If they feel it is necessary to see you face-to-face they will organise this with you.

If you need to book an appointment, you must contact us by telephone or Manage My Health first.

If you have been advised by the government to self isolate (eg you are 70 years of age of older or immunocompromised) and need medical assistance, please contact us by telephone or Manage My Health so we can help you. We have local pharmacies who can assist with home delivery of medication.

To free up capacity in our services, we encourage you to consider postponing your routine appointments this week.

To help reduce the burden at After Hours facilities during this extremely bust time, we encourage all of our patients to contact Silverstream Health Centre when we have our highest level of staffing (between weekdays 9am and 5pm).

We will not be making face-to-face booking for the following non-urgent appointments:

Routine nurse appointments e.g. smears/wart treatment/ear syringes/blood pressure checks

Scripts will be faxed to your pharmacy to reduce person to person contact so you will need to let us know your normal pharmacy.

Please do not stockpile medications. It is critical for us to maintain access to medicines across our community.

We will provide further updates on flu vaccination clinics and you can be reassured that patients at highest risk of complications from influenza will be prioritised as a matter of urgency.

We are taking these measures to try and reduce the spread of COVID-19, to protect everyone in the community and to be able to continue caring for those most vulnerable.

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