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11 days ago

Survey Who has had FLU symptoms over last 3 months

Paul from Akatarawa

Very skeptical that Government say we have NOT had community spread . They wont know unless ALL with Flus symptoms indicate their symptoms and the data is gathered AND that health dept does community testing. Why is only testing those from Overseas NOT thos in community?????
Any visitors to NZ since Nov 2019 could have spread the COV-19 herein NZ,
We need a COMMUNITY survey of who has had Flu symptoms over last 3 months. PLEASE.

6 days ago


Community Engagement Advisor from Metlink: On Our Way

As part of the national response to COVID-19 alert level 4 Metlink will make all rail and bus services free until June.

Public transport will continue to be available for essential service workers, and to enable communities to access supermarkets, pharmacies and health facilities.

For more information about this and what services are running, please read the full update on our website below.

21 hours ago

D I Y Painters

Manager Director from NRG PAINTERS

Hi Neighbourly neighbours... While we are all in lock down together. We want to reach out to any of you who are attempting to tackle those painting jobs. Whilst we can't come around and help you right now, we would love to offer our assistance anyway possible. We can help you with the preparation of all surfaces to the painting. Our business is making your home look its best, interior and exterior protecting from the elements. Everything we do, we do for your home. Feel free to leave a question and I will do my best to help you between the hours 4pm - 6pm every evening Monday through to Saturday whilst in lock down.