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Jan from Ebdentown

I see in The Leader this week, that five of the Councillors standing for re-election are the same five that failed to keep their oath to serve and represent the people of Upper Hutt regardless of their personal feelings towards the citizen or the nature of the issue, promising to facilitate a citizen or group to navigate and understand Council processes and represent them and their issues to Council.
COUNCILLORS - Chris Carson – Blair Griffith – Paul Lambert – Glenn MacArthur – Dave Wheeler – have all blatantly failed in their sworn duty.
They are, in my direct experience, never to be trusted, a vote for them is to vote for people who abuse and misuse the trust and power invested in them. They only serve themselves and the Incumbent Mayor.
It is time for new faces, younger faces, diverse people, who have serving Upper Hutt at heart, people with progressive 21st century awareness.
Tracy Ultra, is a person who is proactive in the community and stands up and fights for the rights of Upper Hutt. She is both visible and accessible, she has my vote, as does Helen Swales and Angela McLeod.
I will research the other candidates and make my choices accordingly.
What is assured is that I will not vote for the five oath-breakers.

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National recycling week!

The team from Upper Hutt City Council

We care about our environment, but sometimes recycling can be confusing.

Upper Hutt’s Park Street recycling station is open 24/7

How it works
There are three containers, two for plastic, cans, and cardboard, and one (split into three colours) for glass. The containers are taken to be hand-sorted at the material recovery facility.
The two cardboard, plastic and cans containers are emptied on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at around 9.00am, and Saturday around 3.00 pm. The glass container is emptied weekly.

Appropriate use
At the material recovery facility, a scoop test is taken of the recycling. If the material is too contaminated, the entire container will be landfilled.

Please do not dump your recycling!

The station is cleaned daily by Intergroup. Any material that is left outside the containers will not be recycled and Council is charged extra to clean it up. Make sure you check all of the containers—if they are all full, come back another time when they have been emptied.

Looking for ways to reduce your waste?
Check out sortwaste.nz for tips and tricks, as well as inspiration from other local Hutt Valley residents.
Find out more

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What's On: Ride The Train for Polio

Geoff from Thorndon

It's World Polio Day on Thursday 24th October. And to mark the occasion, Rotarians from District 9940 will be riding the trains to raise funds and awareness
Ride The Train for Polio
  • All stations on the Wellington Rail network
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What do you make of Wellington Airport's expansion plans?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Passengers using Wellington Airport can expect to be bussed to their aircraft during a billion-dollar revamp.
The 20-year redevelopment will also involve the airport effectively flipping its international and regional terminals. The northern terminal will be used for regional flights instead of the current international flights and the main terminal will be extended to the south and redesigned to cater for international and domestic flights. The airport has also confirmed the $31 million purchase of Miramar golf course, with the land to be used for additional aircraft parking.