4 days ago

Poll: Vote for your favourite superhero movie!

Stuff Pix

Vote for your favourite Marvel Studios movie from Stuff Pix and enter to win 1 of 5 Ant-Man and the Wasp prize packs, including merchandise and cinema tickets.

Check out all the great superhero movies on stuffpix.co.nz/superhero-pix

Vote for your favourite superhero movie!
  • 9.3% Ant-Man
    9.3% Complete
  • 34.4% Thor Ragnarok
    34.4% Complete
  • 31.7% The Avengers
    31.7% Complete
  • 16.9% Iron Man
    16.9% Complete
  • 7.7% Doctor Strange
    7.7% Complete
1559 votes
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4 days ago

Road works

Paul from Heretaunga

So here the digger and cones sit. No sign of any work or workmen fir the last three days. Dug a hole on Monday now it’s Thursday??? No wonder our rates are so high with contractors like this. Job should be done in a week but will take four weeks apparently. Little wonder at this rate. Needless traffic disruption and inconvenience and idle plant. What’s going on. I thought this sort of in efficiency was a thing of the past??

3 days ago

What's your baby name suggestion ??

Raewyn Richardson from Lagans Pharmacy

Our lovely dispensary technician Natalie is having a baby girl ❤️ and now thinking of names ! What's your baby name suggestion ??

6 days ago

How Rimutaka Prison helps shape Upper Hutt

Jared Nicoll Reporter from Upper Hutt Leader

The Sunday Star-Times are working on a feature exploring how Rimutaka Prison has helped shape the city of Upper Hutt.
As part of that, we'd like to add some insightful thoughts from residents on how they believe the prison impacts the city.
For example, some people might be happy to have more employment while others might be worried it could attract other criminals wanting to visit friends or family inside.
Please share your thoughts. The more the merrier.
*Please just remember to put NFP with your comment if you'd prefer it was not printed in a news article thanks!*