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Go on ....... Declutter Your Garage In 10 Easy Steps!

Affordable Garage Carpet Auckland

We come across garages of all shapes and sizes but the common theme amongst them all is they are a well over used storage area that often becomes a dumping ground.
Here's our ten step programme to help you declutter your garage and make it a more useable space:


Rubbish Bags
Marker Pen
Drink (alcoholic if its after 12pm and you're not driving to the dump!) Snacks (unhealthier the better, you're going to burn loads of calories)
Radio or stereo with some great tunes
Trailer or skip (optional)
Storage containers
Mates (optional but highly recommended to help you)


1) Choose a fine day with no rain forecast (almost impossible in Auckland right?!)

2) Move everything out of the garage and create piles outside with signs (ie Dump, Charity, Mum and Dad's house etc)

3) Ring your kids and tell them they have 2 hours to collect all the stuff you've been storing at your place since they left home!

4) Be ruthless and throw out as you go. If you haven't used it in the last 12 months you aren't going to. Don't kid yourself, you're not going to start cleaning your car now if you haven't done it in over a year! (Your poor car, but at least there will be room for her in the garage now)

5) The items that are staying, group together (ie sports gear, automotive gear, gardening tools, pet supplies)

6) Use your storage containers if and where possible. Label them clearly so you can see at a glance where things are located. Cupboards are great as well.

7) Sweep out or vaccum if you already have garage carpet. If you don't, call us while your garage is empty and we will carpet it for you within the day! If you tell us you saw our "De-clutter" post we will give you a 10% discount :-)

8) Put everything back into the garage in a orderly fashion. Try to keep the theme and put similar things near each other.

9) Sit down on your clean garage floor and give yourself a pat on the back!

10) Send us your before and after photos and be in to win the prize for Best Transformation!

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When social distancing makes things closer

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Social distancing is the new buzzword, but out in semi-rural areas the end result seems to be that people are "closer". Do you notice a greater enjoyment in random social greetings? Read the column below:

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At-Home Fire Safety Checklist

Fire and Emergency from Fire and Emergency New Zealand

With everyone staying home, it’s now more important than ever for everyone to be fire-safe. People can find information on our website - fireandemergency.nz...

We’re heading into winter, and with households self-isolating together, there’ll be more cooking at home, and more use of open fires, heaters, and dryers - all things which can increase fire risk.

New Zealanders can be confident that Fire and Emergency is well-prepared and ready to respond to emergencies as usual during the nationwide self- isolation period.

Please call 111 if you have a fire, we will ask you whether anyone at the address is self-isolating or has a confirmed case of COVID-19. Where this is the case, we already have necessary measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety including protective clothing, gloves, masks, safety glasses and mask.

1 day ago

Please stay at home!!!

David from Torbay - Long Bay

Hi dear friends,

I am a postman and have to work during the lockdown time.
There were not less people walking, running and cycling outside today. Some times, it is a group of a family. Staying at home is the best and safest way. Please do not go to the public place.
I read a true story written by an American guy who was infected by the virus because he visited her wife who worked at a hospital and sent her a bunch of flowers. He just stayed there for less than 30 seconds.
Do not go to public places. Especially, do not touch those facilities, which may be have been touched by an infected person. The virus can survive for some hours on the surface of some objects.
Please stay at home for the safety of your family and your neighbors during the special time.
Staying at home can help break the transmission chain early and help end the lockdown.
God bless New Zealand.