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Better balance is easy!

The Team from ACC New Zealand

Maintaining your balance is key to enjoying life and avoiding falls. With the easy-to-use app called Nymbl, you can improve your balance and live falls free.

You just need a smartphone or tablet. With Nymbl you’ll use simple and safe body movements and easy brain challenges like trivia. It’s a technique called dual-tasking and it’s proven to be effective, it’s also fun. Just 10 minutes a day in the comfort of your own home and you can be Nymbl.

Register now to get Nymbl free. Nymbl is brought to you by Live Stronger For Longer and ACC, MOH and HQSC.
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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Robert Anderson from Curtain Clean Palmerston North

Cockroaches are an extremely common household pest throughout all of New Zealand and although they make you shudder when you see them, they thankfully do not pose many health risks, however they can transmit diseases, so it is best to keep them out of your home. As with any pest the number one preventative measure is to keep your home and outside surrounding areas as clean as possible. We’ll talk through more information about the different types of cockroaches, how to prevent an infestation before it happens, and if needed how to kill cockroaches.

What are the 3 main types of cockroach?
Although there are thousands of different species of cockroach, here in New Zealand we tend to only deal with the following three culprits. They are all pests and have the potential to transmit diseases such as dysentery, salmonella and diarrhoea due to their eating habits. See below for more information on the pests most wanted list.

The Gisborne Cockroach
This is our native representative, although it was first introduced from Australia, they are usually not found in doors at all so if you spot one of these in your home, it was likely by accident such as being carried in through timber and firewood.

They commonly live outdoors in damp dark areas and feed on decaying forest matter, so if you happen to spot one of these, it might be worth just giving a helping hand to get it back outside again.

The American Cockroach
This is the most common species found in New Zealand and is known as a pest throughout the world. Despite the name this species is native to Africa and the Middle East. They have adapted very well to human living spaces as they prefer moist areas with warmer temperatures.

Classified as omnivores, they will eat many foods as well as materials including leather, beer, glue and book bindings. They have the potential to cause sickness in humans, from their odorous secretions and bacteria that they pick up and deposit on food and surface areas and so it is very important to keep your house as clean as possible.

The German Cockroach
Although the smallest of the cockroach species found in New Zealand, they are actually the biggest problem. They do not like cold temperatures to a point where they struggle to survive and so they will always look to go inside of buildings for warmth. They more commonly prefer restaurants, food processing facilities and hotels to residential.

They are defined as omnivore scavengers, meaning they eat everything the American Cockroach does as well as meats, starches, sugars and fatty foods.

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18 minutes ago

Kiwi Saver

Graeme from Kelvin Grove

Hi .. Thought I would throw this out for discussion and see if any others are the same boat. We have a small business in town and because of the recent hard times re Covid every cent counts. The question is ... Why do we as employers have to pay (min) 3% of the employees wages to THIER kiwi saver. I have asked other small business around and a lot feel the same thing. Not so bad if it was, one person ( bad enough) but if you have a team of say 4-6 staff all in Kiwi saver then it all adds up on your bottom line at the end of the week and you see nothing for it. For those who say, you can claim for it later in your tax return, well I bet you wont get it all back, but to be fair, you need that money in real time, not having to fork it out in the first place. We will soon be having to up the min wage as well, all on top of just recovering from a hard year. Soon when people apply for a job, one question would be, are you in, or are you wanting get into KS.? Any thoughts or comments to help me get my head around this. Thanks in advance. Graeme

6 hours ago

Pond plants for fish pond

Pauline from Highbury - Westbrook

Does anyone have excess pond plants. I need a couple to put into pots in my fish pond. The plants I have in there are quite bare after hungry fish have devoured it with the heat. Won't be till the weekend I can collect.