32 days ago

Dunedin's coast: NZ's little slice of "Bali" is full of wildlife

Trupti Biradar Reporter from Stuff Travel

With sweeping beaches, hidden caves, seals, penguins and albatross - we think this must be the most underrated stretch of New Zealand. Have you been? Read more on the link below.

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seeking someone to do some cleaning

Samantha from Roslyn - Terrace End

Hi neighbourly, I’m after someone who would be keen to do some cleaning for us to help get our house ready for market. Oven, windows, general cleaning. Terrace end. Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Thanks! Samantha

4 hours ago

Kindle books on sale

Jill Darragh from Rangitawa Publishing

Non- fiction biography and travel on sale NZ $1.50 approx.

From Dog Collar to Dog Collar - Read about Bruce Howat's career as a Police dog handler until a tragic stabbing incident changed his life.

God's Cocaine - The Addiction of the Camino
Terry Wilson's amazing account of walking this 800km pilgrimage three times in 22 months.

Crimechurch - Michael Botur's raw and gritty novel about gang life in Christchurch. Recommended by Alan Duff.

Available from Amazon books and Kindle.
For details on these books www.rangitawapublishing.com...
Support New Zealand authors

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NumberWorks'nWords Arcade

NumberWorks'nWords Palmerston North

Check out NumberWorks’nWords for a gallery of fun games for practicing and consolidating Maths and English skills. The games help to reinforce the concepts taught in our tutoring sessions and make learning fun!