28 days ago

3 Bedroom Semi Open Plan House For Sale, MARTON

Charlene from Feilding

$190,000 plus buyers, more info at FB: Get Rid Of Your Stuff :)


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4 days ago

Looking for mothers help/childminder/substitute grandparent

Anneka from Aokautere - Fitzherbert

We have one 5 year old boy, we do not have any family here so lack that extra pair of hands and support. I would really like to find someone who could be a regular support to our family in the way of being able to look after our son occasionally and develop a relationship with him. There are times when I can't always take him to appointments etc and it would be lovely to have someone he trusts to pop in and be with him at our home. He is happy, creative and friendly boy who enjoys ball games, colouring, baking, pretend play and being outside. We have another baby on the way so this would be an ongoing set up. We can pay you $20 an hour.

1 day ago

Mechanical ideas

Umesha Rukshani from Milson

My rover lawn mower is accidentally tip over and over flowed oil eventually start white smoke then run few days and stop.replaced air filter ,new plug and clean carburettor then back on but still won’t start.has anybody got an idea whats wrong with it?thanks

2 hours ago

A stronger school culture, greater resilience and more kindness.

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation

Those are the benefits that Paul Barker, Principal of Kaeo School is seeing in his Northland school thanks to the Kiwi Can programme.