89 days ago

Disposing of rubber gloves and used tissues on the riverside walkway.

Iola from Awapuni

It is disappoint to see all the unhygienic tissues and used rubber gloves on the riverside walkway. Normally I would pick up litter in my walks to the park and riverside, but with Covid 19 in the community and 2 people with infections who have not been overseas, naturally I am not going to put my health a risk. Could people please be careful with what could be a serious infection source to the public? Dispose of your waste products into the rubbish bins, or carry a paper bag with you to take home to put into the landfill rubbish.We will need to also protect the Council workers who are emptying these bins.

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5 hours ago

Lookig for a deck teacher

Quinton from Milson

Hi Neighbours,

We are planning on building a deck...however I am looking for someone to come teach me how to build a deck, sure its no problem and probably pretty straight forward but still would like to be shown the ropes.


3 hours ago

Affectionate Female Cat needs a new home

Deanna from Aokautere - Fitzherbert

Sadly I am looking to rehouse my beautiful fur baby 💔... She is 6 years old and has the loveliest personality, is very affectionate & playful. PM me for more details

2 days ago


Quinton from Milson

To the children pulling these bags out, PLEASE DO NOT! You are spoiling it for the dog owers and you are littering! If you are caught you will be reported and prosecuted!