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Revealed: The companies dumping contaminants down the drain

Jane from Highbury - Westbrook

I’ve contacted horizons in the past about our stream the kawau running white at times. It runs past Goodman Fielder and I was suspicious then. Disgraceful.

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Debra from Palmerston North Central

I went to the Dentist a week ago now to have a tooth pulled, what a nightmare that was I ended up having to get the tooth pulled out and feeling most of it. The dentist said he had put the most amount of numbing stuff in my mouth and that I would really just have to put up with it as it was half way lose, so what was i to do!!! he pulled it out and I ended up with 2 stitches in my mouth and a big bruise on the outside of my mouth and with 2 and half days off work....... Tell me I didn't think anyone went through this sort of pain at the dentist anymore or am I just being a sook, and should I change dentists????? Look forward to your replies :)

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Eketahuna Computer Class

staff from Tararua i-SITE Visitor Information Centre

Eketahuna Computing Class

When: 4th May
Venue: Eketahuna War Memorial, Jones Street, Eketahuna
Contact: Karolyn
Phone: 027 725 4139
Hours: 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Needing help to navigate your computer at home or wanting to upskill your computer knowledge? This course is for you