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Standards of Courtesy to our new Immigrants and each other.

Iola from Awapuni

Today I was waiting for my husband to pick me up outside Pak n Save at 12.10.p.m. I was standing near the Taxi stand when an older woman and a younger woman came with their trolley and stood waiting at the Taxi Stand. A very well care for late model taxi pulled up, and looked at the older woman who waved her hand to him indicating me. I called to him that I was waiting for my husband not a taxi, to which he then indicated to the woman that she was his passenger. She waved her cell phone at him and said "I told them not to send ........ I want another driver." The taxi driver was a Sikhi gentleman with a grey beard and turban.
By this time my husband had arrived, and we both watched in dismay the gentleman taxi driver being seriously embarrassed by this woman, who was on her phone calling up the Taxi company.
My advise to the Taxi Company would have been to totally refuse to have any taxi go to her home or wherever she wanted to be picked up from.
Years ago I was a newly qualified Radiographer on call at Wellington Hospital, when a call came that a young child on a cruise ship had a possible broken arm. I went and collected the family from the waiting room, and proceeded to prepare the child for an X.ray. The father said to me where is the technician ? I said I was. He said We don't have people like you doing this in our country, get another technician. I phoned the Doctor in Charge and asked if he would get another Radiographer in to do the X.Ray. He said Send them back to A &E. About 10 minutes later I returned to A&E and asked where the family was. I was told they had gone back to the ship, with just a bandage. The Doctor had said If I was not going to be allowed to X.Ray the child they were able to go elsewhere, which is what they did, next port of call Auckland.
I felt so proud then to be a New Zealander, today, I felt ashamed that some people in our community have no concept of what is proper behaviour. I bet the Taxi driver was far better educated than the woman, and will be better received in Heaven as well.

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What is your favourite home cooked meal?

The Team from Play Stuff

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What is your favourite home-cooked meal?
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Food Together contents for 24 October

Kathriona Benvie from Food Together Awapuni

Congratulations to Margaret O, Amy C, Stacey H, Vicki K and Claire M the five lucky draw winners of Food Together bags this week. There will be a similar draw this week to win one of five of these great bags if you order this week.
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