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35 minutes ago

The Look Out! Handy Events & Entertainment Guide

Richard from Awapuni

There's a whole lot to squeeze in between now and Christmas, and a week baited at the end with a long weekend is the perfect place to start with the Look Out! Events & Performing Arts Guide. Catch up with plays 'Spring Awakening' & 'Swingers', and with dance from the Footnote NZ Dance Co. There's music from The Good Girl Song Project & The Manawatu Youth Orchestra, while hanging out at the Olde English Faire in The Square or riding the Halloween Night Trains in the Victoria Esplanade. Bonanza!

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10 hours ago

Windows 10 Update problems.

Iola from Awapuni

Hi Neighbours,
I recently had an alert that Windows 10 was ready with an up date. I pressed the button and things whirred away while I cooked dinner. Then when I switched it back on I had lost email, and all my documents, power point, acrobat and the list goes on. A message came up that outlook Office was no longer supported, is that truue or have i been spammed.Think I need help !! Any recommendations??

7 hours ago

Poll: Are you a Guy Fawkes fan?

The team from

Guy Fawkes is coming up on November 5, with fireworks going on sale next weekend.

Are you looking forward to fireworks displays? Will you be buying your own to let off?

Are you a Guy Fawkes fan?
  • 10% Yes - I'll be buying fireworks
    10% Complete
  • 64.6% No - I think fireworks should be banned
    64.6% Complete
  • 25.4% Yes - But I'm not planning on buying fireworks
    25.4% Complete
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