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13 hours ago

Mechanical ideas

Umesha Rukshani from Milson

My rover lawn mower is accidentally tip over and over flowed oil eventually start white smoke then run few days and stop.replaced air filter ,new plug and clean carburettor then back on but still won’t start.has anybody got an idea whats wrong with it?thanks

1 day ago

Hobson's Pledge, What Did It Mean, the interpretation today.

Iola from Awapuni

Hi Neighbours, it appears that the flyer from the Hobson's Pledge group needs to be viewed as to, meaning. Some have seen it as racist, and other see it as not wanting separate development or whatever for different members of the same Society. It also appears, that the idea of One People, is what Hobson was wanting, but is that a true interpretation of intent.?
I will be happy to hear what others think.
I interpret Hobson's One People as meaning, equal under the law, with Queen Victoria as our mutual Queen.
If you think about colonisation, India, Africa, parts of China all the red on the old world maps, all those countries were ruled by Queen Victoria, but it did not mean that all those people necessarily wanted to give up their identities and culture to totally embrace the English way of life? While the were all governed by the same laws and institutions, they were not all forced to accept the church of England.
I therefore, do not think that Hobson's Pledge was anything like the flyer producers are trying to say. Has Maori been treated as equal under the law, which in fact, as Hone Morris pointed out statutes were written to take away land, and even the language. The Treaty clearly showed that an intent was to preserve the things important to Maori of the time, and still important today.
Partnership is what in my view, was intended.
So the Hobson's Pledge flyer, is iin my view, divisive and should find a home in the recycling bin.

9 days ago

College Street debacle, and what is the real agenda.

Iola from Awapuni

Our Mayor is saying that Council cannot do nothing about not widening the cycle lanes along College Street. My question is Why ? There has been no call by residents for this downgrade, there has been no serious accidents on this stretch of road, nor has there been any call for the removal of parking in the area. The argument that 8 primary/intermediate schools should be able to safely cycle to school is a total red herring, as the law states clearly that children under 14 years should not be travelling without adult supervision. So what is the hidden agenda? We remember the debacle about dogs on leads between Dittmer Drive and the Fitzherbert bridge was being promoted as necessary for the safety of children, when in fact it became something the cycling lobby wanted, and succeeded in getting.
So what is this current nonsense talk up all about? Has PNCC entered into negotiations to have some of the 3000 Lime scooters available in Palmerston North?