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17 hours ago

Ranch slider wanted

Stephen from Palmerston North Central

Hi does anyone know of or have an aluminium Ranch slider unit that is for sale.
Preferably In good.


4 days ago

Road rules, footpath rules e scooters and other zippy devices.

Iola from Awapuni

Before PNCC Councillors decide that e scooters and other zippy ways of riding on the footpath or the enlarged cycle ways are permitted, can we have a discussion about road and footpath safety.? Who is at fault if I am exiting my driveway, and a cyclist, e scooter or other on the footpath, crashes into me? Who is at fault if I am backing out of my driveway and a cyclist, e scooter on the footpath crashes in to me? Does the cyclist or e scooter rider, have insurance for any damage he/she may do to my car? Do cyclists and e scooter riders have householders insurance, which in some cases will compensate me for any damage the cyclist or e scooter rider does to my car? Do mobility scooters also have insurance to cover any damages? I do know that some householders insurance does cover damage to others done by children or dogs.
I think it is all very well to have these new ideas, if everyone has the assurances that safety responsibilty, is important and insurance is also important. Already we have a number of helmetless adults riding bikes on the footpaths and no controls or sanctions that can be enforced by the Council. What risk management plans have Council officers prepared regarding this matter.

11 hours ago

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Gen Less

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