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Something I support - Hopsi, Wellington Childrens Hospital

Michelle Shailer from Creative

Hi Neighbours,

I have been encouraged to start sharing special things I support locally and Nationally with you all on here.

Here's the first one I am going to share - Wellington Children's Hospital -providing specialist care to sick Children (similar to Starship-they do have to work together), these guys are hands on, making sure they run efficiently and importantly they work hard to make sure the kids and their families are comfortable and well looked after during their hard time and that the facilities support and provide a healing comfortable environment .

Alot of us would see our children sent there for specialist care god forbid they need it. I have meet the people that run the foundation and work closely in the hospital, they are a caring, heartfelt and hard working bunch who give, give, give.

Hopsi the Lion is their very cute mascot, he often visits children in the wards to bring happiness to their days (they take turns manning the outfit and feel privileged for the children's happiness). Children get a little soft toy Hospi to keep them company too. They work hard to have nice areas for the children and their families - trying to make those hard times just a bit easier and fund state of the art equipment to support their care. (like vein finders - and their new kids hospital!)

Every little bit helps so if this is something you want to support I encourage you do, there is also some cute merchandise on their site which also goes to support their great work.

I will try to give regular (not to frequent) updates on different charities and organisations that I support and are close to my heart.

I would love to hear about the charities and organisations you support and that are close to your hearts - please share this in the comments below <3

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Jacinda Ardern sent you a message:

hemant Kr from Palmerston North Central

Please note elections are coming & 30 Months Gone now they have woken up,

We should see the All round work done by the current Government, They Laws they bought in , The promises they made before elections and if that work has made life easier for the People & Communities of N.Z.

We should remember that in some other Countries like Paris people trusted in some Politicians & now they are paying hefty taxes & living in Hardship,

I think Neighborly should not allow this type of Vote Marketing messages as this Place should be free of Politicians.

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Damage to car

Joanne from Hokowhitu

Please, we need your help! My husbands car on Wednesday evening was hit. A hit and run is a crime! If you did this or witnessed it please contact me. My daughter is desperate for a bike, (doesn't own one) now we have to spend money on fixing the car.
It was parked in the PNCC car park at the hockey turf at the esplanade, while watching our daughters game and we are sure it was damaged there. Please help us find the person/car that did the damage. Thanks

6 days ago

Poll: A sleepout or a 'shed'

Chelsea from Palmerston North Central

A Property Brokers real estate agent swears black and blue that this is a 'shed'. We think its a self-contained sleepout. Both the photos below are from the dwelling in question - What do you think?

A sleepout or a 'shed'
  • 89.7% Its definitely a sleepout!
    89.7% Complete
  • 10.3% Is a shed
    10.3% Complete
224 votes