31 days ago

Poll: Will you sign up as a freedom camping ambassador?

The team Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Applications are open for community-minded locals interested in becoming freedom camping ambassadors.

You'll be encouraging campers to play by Whangarei's rules, giving residents confidence that their environment and quality of life will be respected.

Are you passionate about protecting Whangarei's environment? Will you be signing up?

SOURCE: Whangarei District Council

Will you sign up as a freedom camping ambassador?
  • 7.1% Definitely! Sounds fun!
    7.1% Complete
  • 28.6% No, I'm not interested
    28.6% Complete
  • 0% I've done it before
    0% Complete
  • 64.3% I don't support freedom camping
    64.3% Complete
14 votes
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1 day ago

Have you seen Mike McClennan?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

The search for the 75-year-old former international rugby league player is continuing. The dementia patient was last seen walking north at Hatfield Beach, North Auckland, on Wednesday, wearing a red and black cardigan and blue jeans. Someone may have given Mike a lift north - sometimes he thinks he is a fugitive who has escaped prison.

8 hours ago

Poll: Are you a Guy Fawkes fan?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Guy Fawkes is coming up on November 5, with fireworks going on sale next weekend.

Are you looking forward to fireworks displays? Will you be buying your own to let off?

Are you a Guy Fawkes fan?
  • 10.2% Yes - I'll be buying fireworks
    10.2% Complete
  • 64.4% No - I think fireworks should be banned
    64.4% Complete
  • 25.4% Yes - But I'm not planning on buying fireworks
    25.4% Complete
1482 votes
1 day ago

How hard is it to get a doctor's appointment?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

A Whangārei patient had to wait seven weeks to get an appointment with her GP, while new Kaitaia residents have to travel for hours to see a doctor. What has your experience been like? What do you think should be done?