30 days ago

Four pilot whales dead after getting stranded on Ruakākā beach

Paul Reporter from Stuff

Sad news - four whales have died after becoming stranded along Ruakākā beach.

The rest of the pod has been seen about 1km offshore, heading towards Langs Beach.

Residents living along the coast have been asked to keep an eye on the whales during the day and contact the Project Jonah hotline, 0800 494253, if you see any.

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1 day ago

What do you think about a load of uncovered dead calves?

Denise Piper Reporter from Northern News

The Aucklander who saw the uncovered trailer said it was a "confronting sight - pretty gross". The driver did not appear to be breaking any laws but farming experts say the calves should've been covered for good taste. What do you think - is this just the reality of farming or should the public be protected from such sights?

5 hours ago

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16 hours ago

What's On: Come Dancing

Chris from Central Whangarei

Ballroom, Latin American, Sequence dancing till 11.30pm. Great Music. Great Supper. All welcome. Enquiries Ph 4300089 or www.instepdance.co.nz
Come Dancing
  • Instep Dance Studio