81 days ago

Poll: Have you ever challenged a parking ticket?

Stacey Reporter from Stuff

It's true that you agreed to a legally binding contract as soon as you drove into the parking lot. Thankfully, New Zealand law protects consumers from the exploitative clauses that corporates love to slip in the fine print.

Under contract law, parking companies can only claim for "the actual and reasonable costs they incurred". Charging $65 for a short overstay in an empty carpark is as far from reasonable as you can get.

To find out what to do in this situation, click here

Have you ever challenged a parking ticket?
  • 46.8% Yes, and I won!
    46.8% Complete
  • 32.4% Nah, I jut pay it
    32.4% Complete
  • 20.8% Yes, but I still had to pay
    20.8% Complete
1168 votes
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5 days ago

What do you think of candidates' criminal convictions?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Criminal convictions are no bar to standing in the local body elections (as long as candidates are not currently serving a jail term of three years or more). There is also no requirement to declare any convictions but the majority of Northland mayoral candidates think their should be. What do you think?

1 hour ago

Rural rental required

Christine from Hikurangi Coastal

Due to a relationship breakdown I am seeking a new home. The situation is far from ideal but I am hoping to start fresh and get back on my own feet. I am not able to buy a new home yet, but this is a possibility again in the near future.

I currently own my home in Marua Hikurangi. I am a solo mom with two young kids under 5 years old. I do have some animals. My hobby is breeding and hand raising parrots which you can see here on Facebook: Christine's Aviaries

I know I am asking a lot but I can only hope for something suitable to pop up for my family and animals until we are back on our feet. Please if you have a empty farm house or rural home available please contact me directly through private message

Thank you 🤞

2 hours ago


Piet from Rural West Whangarei

Sunday 3 November, 9am to noon Clothes, toys, books, kids bargains, fun, produce, food, entertainment. Children’s stalls $3 per metre, adults tables $10 Phone Delphine for a space 022 671643