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What do you think about travel across Auckland being allowed only for business or essential personal reasons?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangārei Leader

Now Northland and the rest of the country south of Auckland are at alert level 2, people who want to drive across Auckland to get to other level 2 regions face being turned back by police. The crossing is only for business purposes or essential personal travel - such as childcare or caring for animals. What do you think? Should a travel corridor be set up across Auckland so people can traverse the level 4 city? What conditions should be allowed?

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14 hours ago

Mobile car valet

Joshua from Kerikeri District

1993 off-road Ute interior full detail
These transformations are amazing,
Really pleased with with how the Ute came out. Most of the mud and clay managed to come out and now the carpets are springy and soft again.
I am mobile so I’ll come to you and detail your car,
Feel free to contact me at anytime for a free quote,
Email: joshua.traas@gmail.com
Phone: 027 594 6092

14 hours ago

Auditions Notice

Wendy Fulcher from Octagon Theatre

Looking to cast 6 women and 1 man for our first 2022 production "Secret Bridesmaids' Business" - play by Elizabeth Coleman to be directed by Michelle Briggs.
Synopsis: In true Australian style, Elizabeth Coleman’s Secret Bridesmaids’ Business is a funny play about serious issues like truth, loyalty, denial, sex, love, the meaning of marriage, female friendship, and the plight of Modern Woman with a biological clock that just won’t keep up with the times. You just never know what might happen.
Check out notice below for dates/times and our website page (link given) for characterisations and online application.

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Get more from your herd test


Add milk pregnancy testing to your next herd test, it’s the convenient way to tell if your girls are expecting after 28 days – without them knowing.

But why stop there? Combining animal health checks to your herd test could uncover subclinical Staph aureus, Johnes disease, those who produce A2/A2 milk, as well as your herd’s production worth (PW) to help you make better calls.

Talk to your Agri Manager about adding pregnancy or animal health checks to your next herd test.
Find out more