49 days ago

Working from home

Glen from Central Whangarei

Any ideas where I may apply for funding.

So I am wanting to apply for funding with the goal of employing disabled people working in home offices.

I am using my creativity along with high tech software solutions.

So creative tech It is all well explained here on this website.

I am seeking donations or government funding for my ideas.

The below website is built on high-speed servers for really fast loading. A high tech solution I can offer others.


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8 hours ago

Delayed Newpaper

Ashley from Rural West Whangarei

Is anyone else having late deliveries of their free newspaper? My Wednesday 20th May paper arrived on Monday 25th - the news is a little stale!

3 days ago

Local Currency Ideas Meeting

Geoff from Bay of Islands

Local Currency Ideas Meeting
Greetings Some may be aware that Transition Towns Bay Of Islands has a weekly Zoom meeting to discuss ideas for our post CON virus PLANdemic future. Last Sunday was mainly about getting our local currency up and running again. It was suggested that we have local small group meetings to exchange ideas as to how we can achieve this. There will be an informal get together this Sunday,24 May at 10 am at Klaus Kurz's place, 5632, Russell Whakapara Road a/k/a "Fiddlers Green" Attendees can either make their own way there or, if they present themselves at Russell Baptist church by 9.45 am, they will be welcome to a free ride in Paihia Taxis minibus.
Please feel free to contact me either by e mail (searcher1068@yahoo.com) or by phone 09-402-7506 if you are interested and/or would like more information. Hope to hear from someone at leastYou might care to watch this www.youtube.com... to get some advance information It would also be interesting to hear from a reporter who might be interested in doing a story on something like "local currency" which would benefit our communities, but I won't hold my breath

7 days ago

Whau Valley Dam is at 45%

The Team from Whangarei District Council

Alarming new aerial footage of the Whau Valley Dam shows exactly why water restrictions are in force.

It may be coming in to winter now, but this enormous dam will take many months of rain to fill up. We're asking everyone - please - to save water at home and at work. Help us fill the dam.