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Working from home

Glen from Central Whangarei

Any ideas where I may apply for funding.

So I am wanting to apply for funding with the goal of employing disabled people working in home offices.

I am using my creativity along with high tech software solutions.

So creative tech It is all well explained here on this website.

I am seeking donations or government funding for my ideas.

The below website is built on high-speed servers for really fast loading. A high tech solution I can offer others.


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Sign up for our Tokyo Olympics newsletter

Angela Quigan Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

The Tokyo Olympics are about to kick off, and some of our country's best sports stars are set to represent New Zealand on the world stage.

The opening ceremony takes place on Friday (about 11pm NZ time), and the Games will run through until August 8.

Over the next two-and-a-half weeks, some of the world’s best athletes competing in a range of sports will battle it out in Tokyo in the hopes of walking away with a medal.

So get your New Zealand flags and popcorn ready and sign up for our Tokyo Olympics newsletter to have all the highlights, talking points, medal tally and analysis delivered to your inbox every day. Click here.

We'll also be live blogging our Kiwi athletes' events every day of the Games. Just bookmark this page to stay up to date.

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Geoff from Kamo

More than 1600 utes, tractors, trucks and tradies' vans brought traffic to a standstill across Northland as the rural sector sent a clear message about what it sees as a rising tide of government over-regulation.

The biggest protest yesterday took place in Whangārei, where an estimated 600 vehicles, including at least 70 tractors, drove in convoy from Barge Park through the city centre to Okara Park.

Meanwhile about 450 vehicles, plus 40 tractors, travelled from Kerikeri Sport Complex to the town centre and back via the Heritage Bypass.

With so many taking part the first utes got back to the sports complex before the tractors had even left the gates. Traffic was near-gridlocked from noon until 1.45pm but the atmosphere in the Kerikeri CBD was festive with footpaths crowded with spectators......


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PGG Wrightson

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