48 days ago

What do you think of Auckland's SkyCity Convention Centre fire?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

Auckland's SkyCity Convention Centre continues to burn after fire broke out on Tuesday in the nearly completed building. What do you think of the fire and the way it was handled?

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10 hours ago

Wanted - Oxygen weed

Alastair & Shona from Kauri

Hi, we have lots of baby goldfish that we want to kèep safe out of the big lily pond. We are in need of some oxygen weed. If anyone has some please message. Thanks.

8 hours ago

That city wide power cut ...

Peter Neighbourly Lead from Kamo

Can anyone recall on what day we had the city wide power cut? It would appear that there was a surge connected to that: first the chlorine generator for my swimming pool packed a sad, then my computer's power supply literally exploded with a loud bang and a cloud of smoke and then our water pump died as well, due to a melted capacitor in the motor. All within 3-4 days.
The water pump repair man related that one of his air conditioning units and one computer there died also.

So it's time for an insurance claim, I think. But I cannot for the life of me remember which exact day the power outage happened.
Can anyone jog my memory, please?

17 hours ago

Christmas lights trail 2019

Robert from Kamo

Does anyone know if a list been compiled yet for a drive around Whangarei this year to look at all the lights?