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5 hours ago

Senior Citizen discount

Carla Pell from CASK Spouting

We offer a 10% discount to the Senior Citizens in our community.
Get in touch today for an honest assessment of your spouting and an obligation free quote.
0800 2 SPOUT

21 hours ago


Elma Pienaar from St Columba's Presbyterian Church

There are not many tickets left!
The Band has CD's for sale after the concert - only cash; unfortunately no EFTPOS available.

1 day ago

Pioneering retirement for a trailblazing generation

Ryman Healthcare Limited

Our residents are not shy or retiring. They live their lives with passion and purpose. They strive to push further, create better, and go beyond the ordinary. We are pioneering a new way to live in retirement. One with flexibility, certainty, and the ability to dial care up and down as you need it.

Ryman has been pioneering retirement living for 35 years. Our New Zealand and Australian villages are named after trailblazers: Sir Edmund Hilary, Weary Dunlop, Rita Angus, Nellie Melba. We always have, and always will, challenge the status quo and adapt to better serve our residents.
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