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Next issue of Get Growing ezine - coming next week!

Reporter NZ Gardener & Get Growing

Hi neighbours, the next issue of Get Growing will now be released early next week, so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime you can read all previous editions here, so dig in and enjoy!

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Redlid Garden Bins & Bags

Grant Wilson from Red Lid Garden Bins & Bags and Redlid Skips

Redlid Garden Bins & Bags in your area on the same day every week. We won't let you down.

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First day of Ruakura Road closure

Andre from Hamilton East

Well, on the first day of the Ruakura road closure, I have to applaud the Hamilton City Council traffic management in excelling once again in their incompetence.
On my usual bike ride to work at the Uni, it's 7:30am and the traffic for the Clyde Street traffic lights for Wairere drive (especially the right run onto Wairere Drive from the east), is already just about backed up all the way to Ruakura Road on Kingthon road from both directions, because the cycle is STILL set to about 3 seconds green followed by the second cycle about 8 seconds green!
It doesn't worry me, because I just bike past =). I just feel sorry for the people who need to get to work from the east.
It's going to be mayhem when peak hour arrives.

Well done HCC!!! You don't disappoint in getting just about everything wrong for the city.

12 hours ago

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