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Just a thought

Dianne from Hamilton East

We are often told that every child must have caring loving, supportive parents.....in particular the mother is hailed as THAT parent. But more often than society would have us believe, some mothers find maternity stressful and lack the ability to bond and nurture, some are unable to show concern empathy and love toward their child and the child misses that invaluable bond.
However, did you know that research, shows time and time again, that a child, a baby, a teen, needs JUST ONE AVAILABLE ADULT in its life to become its optimal best, emotionally, physically and mentally. It does not need to be a parent. So don't despair, YOU can become that person! Be it a grandparent, caregiver, teacher, extended family member. You can make a difference.

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Female Flatmate Wanted For A Brand New, 2 Bedroom Cottage in Tamahere

Jenny and Philip from Tamahere

Mature woman seeks a female flatmate to share a newly built, 2 bedroom cottage on Bruntwood Road, Tamahere. The room available is a spacious double, with walk in wardrobe, temperature controlled heating, TV and wifi points. There is extra sound insulation between bedrooms, and bedroom doors are lockable. An attached garage is provided.

The cottage is finished to a high standard, and is warm and sunny. All new Whiteware, is provided, including a fridge, dishwasher and washing machine. There is a new TV in the lounge as well as a sofa, table and chairs. The cottage is located behind the main house, but positioned for maximum privacy.

Rent is $220 per week.

Contact Jenny or Philip for further details and application process. Phone 0212560893 or 0212561091

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Do more of what you love!

Hilda Ross Retirement Village

We'll pull the weeds, so you can play with your grandkids.

Experience our retirement villages: youtu.be...

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Amber from Hamilton East

There is a white male cat not fixed that has been coming to our house and attacking everyone except me in our house. He’s been eating the cat food but he is super skinny and boney. He seems to love me but he’s been terrorising our cats and I don’t want him around anymore. I’ve organised with the spca for me to take him in the morning to get a welfare check with them and checked for a microchip. The second step will be attaching a collar that says to claim him otherwise he is going to be going to the spca for adoption. If this is your cat please pm ASAP because I am very worried about him and I’d rather he was with his owner than up for adoption. I can’t get a good picture but I’ll try my best. He looks to be around 1 year old