43 days ago

Poll: Are swear words no longer?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

In 2023, Apple amended its autocorrect function to allow Iphone users to freely use their intended word without mentioning 'ducks'. Is this a sign of the times? Are swear words no longer taboo in our communities or workplaces?

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Are swear words no longer?
  • 20.8% Yes - swear words don't phase me
    20.8% Complete
  • 48.5% No - it's still inappropriate to swear
    48.5% Complete
  • 30% It's depends on the word
    30% Complete
  • 0.8% Other - I'll share below!
    0.8% Complete
2899 votes
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13 hours ago

Happy Monday neighbours, this one is a two-parter, can you figure it out?

Riddler from The Neighbourly Riddler

What breaks yet never falls, and what falls yet never breaks?

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3 hours ago

Poll: Does littering and illegal dumping annoy you?

Libby Totton Reporter from Waikato Times

There are spots in Hamilton where it’s inescapable. Supermarket trolleys loaded with rubbish. Debris accumulating under trees. Plastic bags and Lime scooters thrown down a riverbank.

The depressing tide of litter and rubbish shows few signs of going away, despite the heroic efforts of some individuals to do their bit. One gully cleanup in Donny Park netted a tonne of rubbish, including supermarket trolleys.

Does this stuff get to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments (please add NFP if you don't want them to appear in print).

Does littering and illegal dumping annoy you?
  • 100% Yes
    100% Complete
  • 0% No
    0% Complete
  • 0% Haven't really noticed it
    0% Complete
10 votes
17 minutes ago

Have you ever done a cleanup in your community?

Libby Totton Reporter from Waikato Times

For years former Waikato woman Anna Petchell would deal to the unholy mess at marinas when she worked on yachts around the world.

But New Zealand was a shock when she returned in 2019. “I had always said to people, no, New Zealand's a clean green place. We always get raised to pick up our rubbish,” she says. “And then I got home and I was like, it's terrible."

Have you ever done your own cleanup? Let us know in the comments. (Please add NFP if you don't want your comment to appear in print.)