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We Say/You Say: Winter Driving

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Hamilton Press

Hi Hamilton,

Have you had any close shaves because of hazardous winter road conditions?

There were several crashes on Monday morning in the Waikato region as a result of icy conditions.

Black ice is incredibly difficult to spot for the average motorist and the AA recommends drivers pay attention to the weather conditions the night before setting out.

Temperatures below zero, valleys and dips in the road and shaded areas where the road won't warm up as quickly are all factors in black ice formation.

"You don't want to slam on your brakes if you do get onto ice and feel the vehicle starting to slide. That's actually likely to make the vehicle go more out of control," AA spokesman Dylan Thomsen said.

Multiple precautions are taken by Waka Kotahi (NZTA) to improve the safety during the winter.

The agency contracts Downer workers to drive hundreds of kilometres along stretches to detect wet patches of road as they are freezing.

Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) is sprayed on roads and bridges in very cold areas to stop ice from forming. The chemical acts by lowering the freezing temperature of the water.

Accidents are also mitigated when asphalt is sprinkled on at-risk stretches of road.

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Don’t have a stink summer!

Hamilton City Council

Food waste in landfill creates greenhouse gas and contributes to climate change.

We know in summer the food scraps bin can get a bit smelly and you may prefer not to use it, however by using these simple tips you can keep food waste in your food scraps bin and out of landfill.
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Awatere Village show apartments now open.


Awatere Village invites you to view our newly opened show apartment. Enjoy a look inside your future, brand new home, with our full range of apartments due for completion in May.

Along with the new apartments, our brand new community centre is in the works to cater to your full and active lifestyle. Order a barista-made coffee in the café, meet neighbours at the bowling green, and get in a workout at the gym, all in one morning And if your afternoon is free, how about catching a movie in the cinema, finding your latest page-turner in the library, or getting creative in the crafts room.

Situated at 1350 Victoria Street, Beerescourt, our handy Hamilton location couldn’t be better.

To view our show apartment today, just get in touch with Kylie on 0800 333 688.
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