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Poll: What do you think of the Govt's plan to make cleaner cars cheaper?

Stacey Reporter from Stuff

The Government has proposed a sweeping fuel-efficient vehicle policy that would make some cars up to $8000 cheaper - while others would be $3000 more expensive.

The "feebate" scheme wouldn't cost the taxpayer anything, instead using money gained by putting a fee on imported high-emissions cars in order to make imported hybrids, electric cars, and other efficient vehicles cheaper with a subsidy.

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What do you think of the Govt's plan to make cleaner cars cheaper?
  • 54.7% Great idea!
    54.7% Complete
  • 43% I don't support it.
    43% Complete
  • 2.2% I don't drive so it doesn't impact me.
    2.2% Complete
1971 votes
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1 day ago

Does Hamilton need a $79.3m theatre?

The team Reporter from Hamilton Press

Hi neighbours - the theatre, set to be situated on Victoria Street, will be an "enabler for economic development", and will be shared with meeting rooms, a restaurant/cafe and five star hotel.

What do you think of this investment? Is it what Hamilton needs or should money be allocated elsewhere first?
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5 hours ago

This week's latest Blueprint

Hamilton Harcourts

View Hamilton Harcourts' latest interactive Blueprint.

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5 hours ago

Hamilton: We’re Popping-Up!

Pop-Up Globe

Hey Neighbours, Pop-up Globe's NZ Tour is coming to town!

We’ve already opened to full houses and rave reviews in Dunedin & Nelson, conquered Christchurch & rocked Wellington, now we’re excited to head to Hamilton. This isn’t dusty boring Shakespeare, it’s a live interactive experience.

Here for 5 DAYS ONLY... don’t miss the epic production of Hamlet & the Moulin Rouge-esque, Measure for Measure, with tickets from only $19. You can even buy seats ON THE STAGE!

"Relish the full-blooded stuff of which theatrical dreams are made." - The Press, Christchurch
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