112 days ago

Do you own this MacBook Pro?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Apple has determined that in a limited number of older generation 15-inch MacBook Pro units, the battery may overheat and pose a fire safety risk.

If you have an older generation Apple MacBook Pro, follow the instructions and use the serial number lookup tool to determine if it is affected and eligible for the battery replacement program. Find out more

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17 hours ago

Walks before talks for new mayor

Matt Bowen Reporter from Waikato Times

Morning neighbours,

Hamilton's newly minted mayor Paula Southgate "didn't become mayor to overturn the apple cart and bring all my own unique projects to the table".

Instead, she's going to take a couple of days to unwind and plan before getting stuck in.

What do you think of the election results with a new mayor and councillors?

4 days ago

WATCH: Rotterdam's floating cows: the future of farming?

The Team from Play Stuff

Hi Neighbours, could you imagine cows floating down the Waikato River?

These cows are floating on Europe's largest port, in another effort to make cattle farming more sustainable. The owners call it the world's first 'floating farm'. It's in Rotterdam and they want it to minimize waste and land use, and also bring food production closer to the city.

Play Now: play.stuff.co.nz...

13 hours ago

Poll: Will you be celebrating Halloween?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Halloween is coming up on October 31, and there'll be lots of spooktacular-ly dressed trick or treaters around the neighbourhood!

Are you looking forward to seeing them? Will you be celebrating Halloween?

Will you be celebrating Halloween?
  • 10.3% I love it - one of my favorite times of the year
    10.3% Complete
  • 2.2% I use it as an excuse to dress up!
    2.2% Complete
  • 22.1% Hate it - we shouldn't celebrate evil and darkness
    22.1% Complete
  • 37.6% It's a nuisance - I won't be answering the door on the night
    37.6% Complete
  • 27.7% It's just like any other day for me
    27.7% Complete
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