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Poll: Do you ever eat food past its best before date?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

In the US last year, Mom's Organic Market founder and CEO Scott Nash did something many are afraid to do: He ate a cup of yoghurt months after its expiration date. And then tortillas a year past their expiration date.

"I mean, I ate heavy cream I think 10 weeks past date," says Nash, "and then meat sometimes a good month past its date. It didn't smell bad. Rinse it off, good to go."

It was all part of his year-long experiment to test the limits on food that had passed its expiration date.

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Do you ever eat food past its best before date?
  • 36.4% Yes, I often disregard the expiry dates
    36.4% Complete
  • 6.3% No, never. That's disgusting.
    6.3% Complete
  • 57.4% Occasionally. Depends on what it is.
    57.4% Complete
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What's On: Bollywood and Zumba workout

Shailaja from Hamilton East

Bollywood and zumba workout with me Shai at knighton normal school for all fitness levels 6$an hour contact 0226265911 for more info visit Zumba by Shai on Facebook.
Bollywood and Zumba workout
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What's On: Hamilton BMX Club Nights

Lynda from Melville

thanks for submitting our events in Hamilton Press just awesome but can we change the photo that is published as this isn't our track plse email me fornew photo hamiltonbmx@xtra.co.nz
Hamilton BMX Club Nights
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🏕️ Three ProjectK schools have recently returned from their wilderness adventures braving the winter cold. 🌲

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation

The schools involved were Kelston Girls College, Northcote College and Waitakere College, and the activities they took part in included; tramping, water activities and a solo camping night.

Congrats to all those involved. We hope you all had an amazing time!