146 days ago

🏑 24 Grey Street Cambridge 🏑 πŸ’₯ SOLD πŸ’₯

Tim from

Congratulations to my vendors on accepting an unconditional offer on their home!

I found them a new place in Hamilton & sold it to them before it even hit the market! πŸ€—

I have heaps of buyers looking to purchase a new home 🏑 so if your needing to sell contact me today πŸ“² tim.clarke@eves.co.nz

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1 day ago

Poll: Was the $19k Hamilton City Council team talk a good use of ratepayers' money?

Matt Bowen Reporter from Waikato Times

Morning neighbours,

Hamilton City Council staff have been treated to a $19k mass team talk at Claudelands Event Centre. It featured motivational speakers and a 25-minute acrobatic performance from circus company The Dust Palace.

Chief executive Richard Briggs defended the spend.

"Old school thinking is you don't spend any money on your staff and you expect them to just show up to work and go hard," he said after the event.

"New school thinking is you've got to give them some purpose for being here, and today was all about understanding that purpose and improving the wellbeing of the community."

What's your take on it? Read more here

Was the $19k Hamilton City Council team talk a good use of ratepayers' money?
  • 37.7% Yes
    37.7% Complete
  • 54.1% No
    54.1% Complete
  • 8.2% I'm ambivalent
    8.2% Complete
159 votes
8 days ago

Govt losing grip on law & order

Gurbir from Huntington

With govt losing grip, are our communities really safe, asks David Bennett MP www.newsviews.co.nz...

16 hours ago

Henry Bennett Centre to be replaced

Gurbir from Huntington

$100m funding to replace Henry Bennett Centre will provide better support for those with mental health issues www.newsviews.co.nz...