16 days ago

TUI Medical

Ian from Huntington

So I had cause to visit the doctors on Monday of which I visited the drop-in doctor as I didn't have an appointment - to my horror I was charged $80.00!!
This was in fact I was told because I was de-enrolled by the centre and when asked why - the reply was "if your are fit and healthy for 3 years or more and do not see a doctor then you get de-registered" which you do not know about and get stung at your next appointment should you have cause to visit the GP.
This is appalling and either the DHB or Tui medical should be informing you - the patient - that you are about to be de- registered.

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3 hours ago

Waikato Unwrapped: a summer roadie!

Waikato Regional Council

A road trip is a quintessential part of the Christmas holidays. As you head out this summer to enjoy your holiday with family and friends, appreciate some of the work Waikato Regional Council is supporting to keep our environment healthy and communities thriving.

We share some of these activities with you in Waikato Unwrapped, our summer road trip.

Helping our native wildlife, keeping people safe on the water and easing traffic congestion are just a few of the things going on to make the Waikato a great place to live and visit.
Find out more!

6 days ago

Change in water?

Shianne from Fairview Downs

Has anyone else noticed that they come out of the shower with the distinct feeling of being in a heavily chlorinated pool ? Sore, red eyes, drier skin then usual ? Or is it just us ?

14 hours ago


Paul from Pukete

The various vigils nation wide showed our nations shared compassion and humanity for the untimely and horrific death of Grace Millane
many found her death abhorrent and are seeking change

My personal proposal is to petition the government with movement akin to the "#metwo" movement as a vehicle to seek the changes required to give adequate legal redress to sexual assault in our country unfortunately the current laws regarding sexual assault are inadequate to the extent the majority of the perpetrators never face justice
You "change behaviour by changing consequences" if a women has the courage to lay a complaint and provide evidence (perhaps a rape kit if required) it becomes a matter of immediacy, no a priority for it to be acted upon the DNA to be added to a national data base
lets call it #graceslaw
let not her death be in vain and fade from our memories let it be the catalyst for change to honour here memory

let the numbers force the government to act with urgency and highlight the depth of our resolve