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How does the current cost of fuel affect you?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Hi Waikato,

What's the highest price per litre of fuel you've paid for recently? Petrol prices are skyrocketing around the country, with some Kiwi motorists shelling out more than $3 a litre for fuel!

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern claims that New Zealanders are being "fleeced" at the pump, but petrol companies are pushing back on those claims.

The Government plans to rush through changes to an act, which will allow a watchdog to investigate the margins on fuel. Click here to read more about how your rising fuel taxes will be spent.

So what are your thoughts on the current price of fuel? Can you and your family afford it? Do you think the current prices need to be investigated? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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Garage sale Saturday 15 Dec

Tommy from Chartwell

72 hukanui Road chartwell. Various items. Grab a bargain.
8am start

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TUI Medical

Ian from Huntington

So I had cause to visit the doctors on Monday of which I visited the drop-in doctor as I didn't have an appointment - to my horror I was charged $80.00!!
This was in fact I was told because I was de-enrolled by the centre and when asked why - the reply was "if your are fit and healthy for 3 years or more and do not see a doctor then you get de-registered" which you do not know about and get stung at your next appointment should you have cause to visit the GP.
This is appalling and either the DHB or Tui medical should be informing you - the patient - that you are about to be de- registered.

11 hours ago

Hedonism & The Holidays

Dr. Heidi Douglass from Psychological Services and Yoga with Dr. Heidi Douglass

Hedonism - the pursuit of pleasure. Yes, the holidays have usually been about that for me. Going in to vacation at this time of year has usually seen me drop my work, my rules, my routines, and my restrictions: they have been kicked into a corner as I kiss Mark under the mistletoe. Holidays have usually been all about relaxation, fun, and hedonism.

There is nothing wrong with that path. Nothing. However, by January 1st, all that hedonism usually has left me feeling some of these things: exhausted, depleted, bloated, overweight, hung over and / or feeling like I need a vacation from my vacation.

Usually, my lack of yoga has left my 50-some-year-old body feeling tight, stiff and sore. My lack of meditation practice usually has left me feeling cranky and moody. My lack of exercise usually depletes my energy levels.

By the time the New Year rolled around, I usually have felt like “Man!”, “I feel all used up! Now, I really appreciate how good I feel when I live a more balanced life” and that realization directs me back on to the self-care path and I start again. In the past, I think that I may have needed those times of hedonism and drop of self-care routines to re motivate me for a New Year.

However, because I am a human with the ability to learn from my behaviour, this year I am doing something different. I have been thinking about stopping and thinking. Instead of what do I want to DO on the holidays, I have been thinking about how do I really want to FEEL on the holidays? These words come to my mind: relaxed, calm, happy, safe, rested and peaceful. I want fun and I want connection and I want relaxation and maybe a little bit of adventure.

Do I need to have alcohol to feel those things? No. Do I need to have sugar, chocolate or cake to feel those things? No. Do I need to over indulge to feel those things? No. Do I need to give up meditation and yoga and other healthy self-care routines to feel those things? No.

So, this year, I intend to keep doing my daily meditation practice, my daily yoga and my daily exercise and see what happens. Instead of hedonism as my objective this vacation, it will be something else. I’m not sure what words to use to describe it exactly, but it feels like caring for myself like I would care for a loved one. Taking good care of Heidi in whatever shape that looks like on the day. Sure, I might still have wine and chocolate and indulge a bit in this and that…sure…I am not becoming a Nun or anything. However, whatever I decide to do, I want to do it with more conscious awareness. Can I still have a great vacation in a more conscious and thoughtful way with lots of self-care and roll into January 1st feeling balanced, happy, rejuvenated and rested? I think so. That is my plan anyway. I will let you all know how I make out.
My Chartwell office will be closed 19/12 - mid January. Happy Holidays.