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Video: Is it OK to park your car in someone's driveway?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Hi Hamilton,

Have you ever arrived home to find someone else parked in your driveway? Do you think it's OK to park your car in someone's driveway if you're in a hurry? Our reporter looked into the issue and decided the answer was "No, no, no!" Click here to read his reasons why.

So what are your thoughts on the topic? Do you agree or disagree with our reporter? Let us know your parking experiences in the replies!

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Resene labour weekend project

The Team from Resene ColorShop Te Rapa

Need a headboard to finish off your master bedroom but can’t find one to suit? Why not create your own one inspired by the sun or moon using your favourite colour. Make the most of your weekend with this easy step by step project idea from Resene. Find out how to create this quick and easy project yourself.

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We’re here to help you grow into your new home


We know you’d rather be getting into your new home than talking about your mortgage.

And we’d love to help you get into that new home more quickly, so our Mobile Mortgage Managers can meet you at work, at home, at a cafe, or even in the middle of an empty section. They'll meet you at a time that works best for you and are available seven days a week and in some cases, can even approve your loan for you on the spot.

Click through to find a Mobile Mortgage Manager in Hamilton.

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Poll: At what age was your child fully toilet trained?

Jacques Steenkamp Reporter from Sunday Star Times

Schools and health boards are noticing some children starting school are struggling to fit in because they aren't toilet trained yet. Has this been a problem for your family or anyone you know? Why do you think this is an issue?

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At what age was your child fully toilet trained?
  • 65.5% Before they were 3?
    65.5% Complete
  • 30.9% Between 3 and 5?
    30.9% Complete
  • 1.7% It still hadn't happened when they started school.
    1.7% Complete
  • 1.9% Other - please comment below
    1.9% Complete
832 votes