132 days ago

How safe is Hamilton?

Reporter Hamilton Press

Hi neighbours! Hamilton City Council is asking residents to provide their thoughts on safety in the CBD through an online survey, ending August 12. So how safe do you feel when you visit Hamilton's central city? Are there things that need improving? Let us know in the comments below!


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20 days ago

TUI Medical

Ian from Huntington

So I had cause to visit the doctors on Monday of which I visited the drop-in doctor as I didn't have an appointment - to my horror I was charged $80.00!!
This was in fact I was told because I was de-enrolled by the centre and when asked why - the reply was "if your are fit and healthy for 3 years or more and do not see a doctor then you get de-registered" which you do not know about and get stung at your next appointment should you have cause to visit the GP.
This is appalling and either the DHB or Tui medical should be informing you - the patient - that you are about to be de- registered.

16 hours ago

Are you ready to completely ditch plastic bags?

Sarah Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

The clock is ticking (and no, we're not referring to the Christmas countdown!) - single-use plastic bags will be out of circulation from July 1, 2019.

All retailers, ie not just supermarkets, will no longer be able to sell or give away single-use plastic shopping bags after this date. To read more, click here.

Do you support the single-use plastic bag ban? How will the ban affect your life?

Have you already adapted to a plastic bag-free life or will this mean big changes in your household? What are your tips and tricks for ensuring the ban doesn't cause havoc when you hit the shops?

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14 hours ago

Are you in need of some extra food at this expensive time of year?

Sarah Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Hamilton has a new supermarket! And the best part is the food is all free. Yes, FREE!

Over the last four years non-profit Kaivolution has redistributed 574 tonnes of edible food that would otherwise go to the tip. Now, just in time for Christmas, they've got a shop where people can stock up.

The shop at 200 Commerce Street will open Monday to Friday between 4 to 5pm, and in January the extended hours will be 12pm to 4pm. To read more, click here.

Will you be taking advantage of Kaivolution's new store? Do you know someone who would benefit from some extra food at this expensive time of year? What are some other tactics for making sure edible food is not going to waste?

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