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Poll: The big burger debate

Julie Kaio Reporter from Hamilton Press

Hey neighbours,
Our non-meat-eating readers can rejoice, Air New Zealand is now offering the meat-free Impossible Burger to its business class flights from LA to Auckland.
But what does this mean for New Zealand farmers who contribute to New Zealand's main industry?
Some kiwis think the airline should be promoting our homegrown lamb and beef instead.
In a tweet, National MP Nathan Guy wrote, "Disappointing to see Air NZ promoting a GE substitute meat burger on its flights to the USA. We produce the most delicious steaks & lamb on the planet - GMO & hormone free. The national carrier should be pushing our premium products and helping sell NZ to the world."
What do you think?
Have you tried the Impossible Burger, and if so how does it compare to the real deal?
Let us know in the comments below, or vote in the poll.
Please put NFP if you don't want your comment printed.
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The big burger debate
  • 31.5% Ew, looks gross!
    31.5% Complete
  • 33.7% Yummo, can't wait to try it
    33.7% Complete
  • 34.8% What's wrong with the real deal? A real meat pattie?
    34.8% Complete
89 votes
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