289 days ago

Careers guidance

David from Flagstaff

Looking for a change of career or help for your children considering university or a trade? Visit www.clearpathcareers.co.nz...
We are Smithell's Careers Consultants (husband & wife team) with many years of experience. Check out the website for further details.

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20 hours ago

Change in water?

Shianne from Fairview Downs

Has anyone else noticed that they come out of the shower with the distinct feeling of being in a heavily chlorinated pool ? Sore, red eyes, drier skin then usual ? Or is it just us ?

11 days ago

TUI Medical

Ian from Huntington

So I had cause to visit the doctors on Monday of which I visited the drop-in doctor as I didn't have an appointment - to my horror I was charged $80.00!!
This was in fact I was told because I was de-enrolled by the centre and when asked why - the reply was "if your are fit and healthy for 3 years or more and do not see a doctor then you get de-registered" which you do not know about and get stung at your next appointment should you have cause to visit the GP.
This is appalling and either the DHB or Tui medical should be informing you - the patient - that you are about to be de- registered.

1 day ago

Summer safety checklist: Fall-proofing your home

The Team from ACC New Zealand

With warmer weather heading our way, gardening is a great way to stay fit and get regular doses of Vitamin D to help strengthen our bones.

The Home Safety checklist will give you practical tips on how to avoid falls, sprains and strains while pulling those stubborn weeds. For example, when you’re gardening avoid heavy lifting and use long-handled tools so you’re not bending over for long periods. Steady yourself when bending and standing, no pesky weed is worth falling for!

A new movement called Live Stronger for Longer is helping to reduce the risk of falls by providing practical information and free resources. We want to help you stay on your feet, and living the life you want to live.

Take the home safety checklist with your friends and family and join the movement today.

Proudly brought to you by ACC, HQ&SC, MOH and your local community health providers.