290 days ago

Rival plan for Garden Place

Matt Bowen Reporter from Waikato Times

Morning everyone,

Another plan to remodel Garden Place has emerged, this time from Chow:Hill director Brian Squair.

Hamilton City Council is proposing an almost $4 million spend on reworking Garden Place, though the deputy mayor says it's "absolutely not done and dusted".

Squair says he's not touting for work but Hamilton could have bigger goals for its central-city square.

So, if you had the levers of power, what would you do to Garden Place?

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4 hours ago

New daycare centre in Glenview!

Champa from Hatchlings Educare

Hello to the mummies and daddies in the neighbourhood! Hatchlings is the newest daycare centre in Glenview and are licensed to provide a home away from home for babies and toddlers aged 0-2 years.

At Hatchlings, we believe in quality care and have a teacher to child ratio of 1:2.5. This allows us to provide every baby that attends Hatchlings with the tender love and care they need to foster their development. Open 7 days a week with two sessional time slots to give you the flexibility to pick and choose what works for you.

Visit us today to see if Hatchlings can be your baby's home away from home!
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How will this affect your wages?

The Team from ACC New Zealand

For most workers, part of your wage goes to ACC. We’re proposing you pay more because accidents and medical costs have gone up. If you’re a wage earner, these proposals could affect you.

Learn about all the proposals and have your say at our site by October 25.
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3 days ago

NEW - Meditation and Mindfulness classes starting

Cerridwyn from Rototuna

Just to let you know there's new weekly Meditation and Mindfulness classes starting on Thursday 25 Oct 2018 from 7-8.30pm at the St Andrews Library Community room. $15. Everyone welcome www.meditateinhamilton.org...